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[K12OSN] Up and running but need some advice

Hi everyone,

Well after many months of tinkering I have finally got our lab online and
whilst I am very happy with the overall result, I do have some performance

A little inforamtion first. The server is a Tyan Motherboard with dual Xeon
2 ghz processors, 1gig of EEC ram and two 80gb 7200rpm hard drives. The
workstation are 15 Compaq deskpro 4000 (233 mmx, 64mb ram, 2 gb harddrive,
Netgear FA310tx nics) Everything talks on a 10/100 switch. The k12ltsp
configuartion is straight "out of the box" (which was so easy to install by
the way) and as such the workstations are running straight of the server
(ie. no local apps).

As a first test I got the staff to open Mr Potato Head on 10 of the
machines, and everything went fine. I then got them to open Tuxtype, but by
the time 7 or 8 of the machines opened it, it was virtually unuseable. The
mouse was EXTREMELY slow, the menus took over a minute to respond to mouse
commands. I got them to shut down some of the machine, and it seemed to go
okay if I had four or five sessions running, but more than that I was in

My first question is should I be able to run 10 (hopefully 15) sessions of
Tuxtype on a server of the specifications stipulated? 

I can understand that due the graphical nature of the program the server
might not have enough ram to cope with running them all at once (I remember
reading on the k12ltsp site that RAM is GOOD, MORE is BETTER), and I have
decided to install another gig of ram regardless as I feel it can only be
benefical, but I was wondering if there was something else I could also do,
or whether I may have something miss configured.

All comments & suggestions welcome

Chris Gillies
IT Co-ordinator
St Thomas' Primary School
Mareeba, Qld. Australia

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