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Re: [K12OSN] Up and running but need some advice

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003, Chris Gillies wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>Well after many months of tinkering I have finally got our lab online and
>whilst I am very happy with the overall result, I do have some performance
>A little inforamtion first. The server is a Tyan Motherboard with dual Xeon
>2 ghz processors, 1gig of EEC ram and two 80gb 7200rpm hard drives.

Many of us have found IDE drives to be completely inadequate for 
multi-user servers. SCSI drives would likely improve your performance
by a magnitude.

You are WAY overkill on the processor for 15 terminals. You're doing
ok for ram and network (GigE keeps dropping in price :-) 

When things slow down to a crawl, here's a few things you can do to
get an idea of where the bottleneck is:

1) run "free", if you are seeing a large amount of Swap being used, you
   are running out of memory - adding more would help. Running "sar -B"
   will also give you an idea of the swapping activity over ten minute

2) "sar -b" will report disk i/o

3) "sar -n DEV" will report on network i/o

4) run "top" to see if there are any CPU-hogging programs.

If you don't have "sar" on your server, install the "sysstat" package.


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