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Re: [K12OSN] (repository) WAS:proposal template help

>Who does k12linux.org ?  It seems the perfect place to

That would be me, and I'd love to get all the help I could. Eric and Paul
were nice enough to give the site a home and fill it with their content. :-)

It defantly needs some new life breathed into it. I'll be posting the
materials for the Linux class I'll be teaching this spring. I just this
minute finished drafting a letter to a couple of state legislators that
requested some more info on what we are doing. A good bit of it is rehashing
old news but I do have a few extra things I've been working on.. District
wide LDAP authentication and Directory services, phpGroupWare my first
production k12ltsp lab, parts are in and clients need to be assembled but up
by the middle of Feb. We are doing a survey of faculty and students before
installation, a week or so after installation and again at the end of the
year to get a baseline of expectations and delivered goods,wants and desires
etc...Going to make a push, call in some contacts made over the last few
years at the state capitol and see where it leads.

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Michael Williams                   Instructional Technology
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http://www.k12linux.org                 (828) 627-8314

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