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Re: [K12OSN] (repository) WAS:proposal template help

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Michael Williams wrote:

>>Who does k12linux.org ?  It seems the perfect place to
>That would be me, and I'd love to get all the help I could. Eric and Paul
>were nice enough to give the site a home and fill it with their content. :-)

Paul's content. I make sure box is up and running, provide bandwidth, etc.

The content I've produced was out of date long before the k12linux.org/
k12ltsp.org box was brought online. I do have some ideas on how I can fix
this specific problem... ;-)

>It defantly needs some new life breathed into it. I'll be posting the
>materials for the Linux class I'll be teaching this spring. I just this
>minute finished drafting a letter to a couple of state legislators that
>requested some more info on what we are doing. A good bit of it is rehashing
>old news but I do have a few extra things I've been working on.. 
<snip more cool stuff... keep up the good work!>


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