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[K12OSN] Don't laugh Quick Samba help here.

Hi All,
I can figure this out but the semester is ending today and come Monday the new Samba server needs to be in place...Quick environment...Standard SMB setup works fine using domain login to auth win98 users, login script works to common shares...I can login as testaccount / testaccount and all works well, home drive maps (h:) and the other common drives map as well.

I created ( actually I let webmin's bulk user loader ) 1800 student accounts.
Created a group for every student. Issue the data used to create the batch file has USERIDs in ALL CAPS...So all UNIX student accounts are in CAPS in the userid and password. Lower case login - My Home drive doesn't map and I cannot see the share via win98 network neighborhood. If I login using all CAPS the map to H: works but I cannot read it.

How can I fix it ? Give me some insight here ? Should I just delete and recreate the students with lower case user and passwords. In a spreadsheet program, can you change the case of all text in a cell.


Tom Ventresco

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