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Re: [K12OSN] Server Unable to access SWAP space

Thanks for the advise Caleb ,
we transferred the system to Branded IBM X220 server with 1GB RAM and
the system
is started functioning with same performance results.
What we have done is customized KDE desktop , when user logs in he can
see only
four icons that of Star-office, Netscape , printer icon, logout icon and
mode icon , all rest we have deleted.
what actually happening is there are lot many sleeping processes on the
server , i
think we have to take care of that.
We don't know why these processes keep on piling up as sleeping

The thing is , if everything is working fine with fantastic response why
upgrade the memory?

Switching over to Open-office , is also a problem , over plants are
still on
windows platform and still using star-office 5.2 , there are
compatibility issues
between star-office and open-office.We want to migrate to 6.0 but the
People here
in SUN wants to sell that as BOX and not as SOLUTION so we have not
taken decision
for switching over.

I read your all e-mail and like your quotes at the end of the email.
I was hard core M$ person 1 year back , now i talk only Linux , the
freedom i got
because of linux.
We have done it at one school also.
I have tested a BAAN client through Cross-over and the client worked

I will share my experiences with the list.


Caleb Wagnon wrote:

> The rule of thumb has always been to allocate at least 50mb of ram per client.
> Now there is no way we can set something like that in stone because it just
> depends on what each client is doing. A figure like that is necessary,
> however in the planning stages so you have at least SOME idea of what kind of
> hardware you need to be looking at. Kde is big. 35 users and Kde with one gig
> of ram might run, but its probably swapping like crazy. That's not counting
> the other applications and the memory the server needs to take care of its
> own processes. I'd do as Barry said and check for a corrupt swapfile, but
> either way you look at it you NEED more Ram. Slap another stick in
> there.....you might be surprised at the difference ;)
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