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Re: [K12OSN] XDarwin

Hello Jennifer,

Try using Apple's X Server. It can be found here:


The reports that I hear have said that it's 1.) an easier install, and 2.) faster than XDarwin.

Another option is to use Yellow Dog Linux, which comes with XFree86 and, therefore, the automatic ability to integrate with your GNU/Linux servers. I've used YDL 2.3, and it's fine even on a PMac 9600. If that's an option for your situation, then DRAM is definitely your friend. I did it with 256MB RAM and a G3-400MHz, and it was quite usable running Ximian Evolution and OpenOffice.org. The nice thing about YDL and XFree86 is that it isn't dependent on AltiVec to run at a decent clip.


Hope this helps,


Jennifer Waters wrote:

Can someone tell me what the sequence is to install
XDarwin correctly? I have 10.2.2 on the e-mac at this
time. When I put XFree86 on the machine it
requested that I install XFree86 4.1.0, which I did. I then put XFree86 on the machine, it would
not let me put XFree86, because 10.2.2 is to

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  This
will allow us to use the Macs with my Linux servers
more fully.

Thank you for your help.


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