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Re: [K12OSN] Not getting the network boot

There is a good description of the theory of ltsp in chapter one of the ltsp 
documentation. You might like to check it out.


I have been running a test on my home network. Once you get it working it is 
really neat!


On Saturday 25 January 2003 04:20 pm, Jeff Pearson wrote:
> Hello.
> Just starting out here, some may have seen my "Linux at our school" post.
> I thank you all for your responses, and have decided that the project has
> merit and a test is necessary. With that in mind, I've gotten hold of
> several older generation PC's (diskless) from someone throwing them out. I
> have a pretty strong PC that could act as a test server for a small test
> project. I've downloaded the 2.1.2 & 3.0 images, and burned them on CD's
> for install. I thought I'd do 3.0. Yes?
> I'm not understanding the network boot part. Do I need "special" ethernet
> cards on the clients? What are currently in the donated PC's are Netgear,
> Kingston, and who knows what. I haven't looked at all. So, do I need
> special cards, or will these work? I've read some material about
> rom-o-matic, but I'm not quite getting it.
> Advice? Thanks.
> Jeff Pearson

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