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Re: [K12OSN] Yellow Dogs

Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 is basically Red Hat Linux 7.3 ported to the PPC, so you have roughly the same HW requirements for running YDL as you would RHL. That means you should have some DRAM. You can comfortably do it in 128MB running either KDE or GNOME (XFce is my personal favorite these days--you get all the GNOME/KDE menus w/o all the bloat), so long as you don't plan on launching a ton of apps locally. If you do a full YDL install on a 64MB box, and you want to stick w/ KDE or GNOME, then eschew local apps in favor of running everything on the server, and *definitely* consider using XFce instead. I would not do a YDL install in less than 64MB. DRAM is definitely your friend if you're looking at a "fat" thin client like this.

If you're using an older Mac (specifically, one with the OldWorld boot rom, e. g. PMac 9600), you'll need to have Mac OS 7.5.3 or higher in its own partition, 'cause you have to go through Mac OS first to boot GNU/Linux. If you're running a box that uses the NewWorld boot rom (Blue and White G3's and newer), then you can wipe the disk and boot to YDL directly if you wish. Either way, the install is pretty easy.

Then, once it's installed and running, you can proceed as Jim outlines below.


jam McQuil com wrote:

On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, Shawn Powers wrote:

Thinking about the last post concerning XDarwin, and Yellowdog...

Is it feasible to install yellowdog on an older macintosh, and during boot-up have it start a remote X session from the LTSP server? I know the speed when using XDarwin on OSX to do that is incredible, much faster than VNC...

I know there is a little blurb on ltsp.org about actually booting from the Mac, but getting a kernel from the LTSP box, etc etc -- but with a full install of yellowdog ON the mac, is it possible to have it boot "into X running a remote session to the LTSP box" ?

Boy would THAT be great for me... I'm willing to experiment, but wanted some more knowledgable opinions first. Thanks,

I've not tried Yellow Dog, and i've never actually used a Mac,
but getting a session on an LTSP server should simply be a
matter of finding out how X is started on the Mac, and adding
'-query xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx', where the x's are the IP address or
the hostname of the LTSP server.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

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