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Documentation Repository (Was: Re: [K12OSN] proposal template help)

How about a Wiki for documentation?

I am not well-versed on how they work really, but it seems like a
reasonably simple way to get a documentation repository going--and
constantly edited/corrected/updated as well.

I know the openMosix folks have one going, and this talk of a documentation
repository got me thinking of my recent foray into

It seems like a viable solution considering the wealth of experience that
the folks on this list have to offer...  Question answered here on the
list, cut & paste into the Wiki, get everyone involved...

Am I making any sense?  LOL!

James Jensen

--- Steve Wright <paua quicksilver net nz> wrote:
> Eric Harrison wrote:
> >We *really* should setup a repository of presentations, articles, etc...
> >
> I have been thinking the same wrt documentation.
> What if we had an HTML Document or set of docments distributed with 
> K12LTSP what referenced *all* documentation, presentations, etc, ad
> nauseum.
> It would not be hard to keep this updated on our systems if it were 
> packaged as an RPM and kept current through the usual 'update' channels, 
> vis FTP or wget it manually, or with apt-get..
> /steve
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