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Re: [K12OSN] Wireless thin-clients?

David Trask wrote:

Hi - do you have any info on whether or not there exists a thin client,
wireless "appliance" that runs Linux?

I haven't seen one, but it would not be hard to build.

The problem with wireless 802.11a is speed. Seriously, you are not going to get more than 2mbit/sec sustained.
IMO, VNC is a go, but X will be sluggish, but I have not tested this.. again, I would love to be proved wrong..

There should be no problem booting an applicance over wireless ethernet, since the burst of data, while quite large, is just a once-of ocurrance, and thereafter you are left with whatever network traffic you generate.

To run `vncviewer <servername>` on an X-less terminal you simply use svnc (svgalib+vnc.) It's all explained here http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/platforms.html#svgalib

I would say this would be dead easy to conf up - use the svnc binary instead of X, maybe build the svgalib.conf on the fly, and not much else really.

Download the wireless bits for LTSP from here http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/ltsp/wireless_ltsp-3.0.5-i386.tgz?download

Then hax0r a set of confs, build the svnc binary from source, and bob's your auntie.

There is a very cool product from
DT Research (www.dtresearch.com<http://www.dtresearch.com>) that would be
just about perfect if it wasn't based on Windows. Just think - no moving
parts, completely wireless AND centrally managed from a single Linux
server using K12LTSP?

yep, the world is-a-changin'.


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