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Re: [K12OSN] help with information on linux networking system

Hi Stuart, 

I'll answer what I can, especially from my Novell experience.

I'm down here in  lil' ol' New Zealand, so we don't usually see
installations of this size.

I used to work at a school that had approx 600 users and 100 machines
(Mac & PC combined).
> Scalability:  Is the Linux solution scalable to our current and future
> needs?  (2500 users, 700 workstations, and growing)

There was some mention of Largo Florida and a installation of this

> Why are there not more schools using this solution?
Marketing and market perceptions. :-0

> What are the costs in using the Linux network system?

$ low for software. Learning curve for MS or Novell admins (I've been a
sysadmin on NW and NT servers) moderately high, which may equate to
higher $ while people learn. 

I chose to find graphic tools, like Webmin, to ease the learning curve. 
Now I have to get into the deeper science of Linux admin! :-)
> What features would we lose by using a Linux network filesystem instead of
> a Novell network filesystem.

File and group permissions aren't as flexible as Netware UNLESS you use
LDAP (the Linux equivalent to NDS). 


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