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Re: [K12OSN] Compaq as thin client - need input please

Hi MK,

Some Compaq computers will work well some won't. It depends on the
model, so I've found.

> We need some input on setting up Compaq PCs as
> thin clients:
> 1. Setting up as a thin client:
>    We have had a problem with a NIC with boot rom,
>    and NIC without, using a floppy to boot.  We have
>    used both successfully on other systems, so it is
>    not the NICs.

What model Compaqs do you have?

If you can't find this information could you send me a serial number
from each different model?

The serial numbers will be 12 alpha / numeric charaters long under a
barcode. It may be broken into 3 groups of characters. 

Usually the number will be something like 1234 ABC5 6789.

>    The error message we are getting is:
>    pcibios_init: entry in high memory, giving up
>    pci_init: no BIOS32 detected
>    probing [3c90x] no adaptor found <sleep>
>    We tried this on 2 models, 4712 and 4122

Do the machines have on board network cards?
> 2. 433 MHz machines
>    We have the option to get several Compaq 433 MHz
>    systems for schools, but don't want to commit
>    until we know we acn use them for either:

What model machine are these?
>    a. LTSP and/or
>    b. thin client
> Your input and experience would be appreciated!

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