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[K12OSN] Some positive feedback on Mini-ITX clients


Just thought I'd share the positive results I've had 
with a mini-itx system I purchased from http://www.mini-itx.com.

The system spec is:
- VIA EPIA 5000 Eden 533 MHz Fanless Motherboard
- Black Cubid 2688R Mini-ITX Case
- 128MB RAM (shouldn't need all this)

System boots using PXE and I've not had to include 
any special config settings for this device.

Booted immediately on a fresh K12LTSP 3.0.0 setup.
Booted immediately on our operational K12LTSP Version
2 (can't remember the exact revision).

In fact, I'm working on this right now.

I've got slight flicker on my screen at 1024x768 but
I've not yet played about with refresh rate etc to see
if this can be rectified.

In use, the system appears quicker than my existing
Cyrix 333 base unit in terms of screen draws and updates.
Could be better video, faster processor?

The case is slightly larger than the ThinkNIC but the
fan's quieter and it's built from commodity components
which makes me happier in terms of long-term purchase
and support.




Tony O'Grady <tony praxsys net>
Praxsys Ltd

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