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Re: [K12OSN] LDAP server size...

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Shawn Powers wrote:

>Anyone that is running an LDAP server to authenticate all users -- what 
>kind of server load is on the LDAP machine itself?  I have about 1500 
>users that need to have accounts...  Since we are a macintosh school, 
>extra intel hardware is scarce...   What is the minimum specs for such a 
>machine?  I guess I'm asking, how "lightweight" is the L in LDAP?   :)
>Thanks for any feedback,

It all depends ;-)

If you are doing just authentication, 1,500 accounts is trivial. A PII 266
with 32M of ram might even be ok.

We are running ~10,000 accounts that query our LDAP servers for all
authentication, authorization, mail routing, phone book info, and 
probably other tasks that escape me at the moment. We are running fine
on a PIII 1000 (master) and a PII 450 (slave). We recently added a
second PIII 1000 for the times that something/someone runs a large number
of queries on a non-indexed attribute.

Attribute indexing is the most important factor in LDAP performance.
I wrote up some docs on this a long time ago when OpenLDAP 1.2 was
current. This should all still be valid for OpenLDAP 2.0:



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