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Re: [K12OSN] help with information on linux networking system

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 shigh bport esc11 net wrote:

>Good morning all,
>This is probably not the place to post this question.  Please respond to
>me off list if it is not.

>Scalability:  Is the Linux solution scalable to our current and future
>needs?  (2500 users, 700 workstations, and growing)

We have roughly 600 workstations. Our file servers runs Samba/Netatalk.

I know of some huge Linux file servers in neighboring school districts,
I'll see if I can scrounge up the details. Last I heard, Beaverton SD
had a Linux server that housed the home directories for all of their
students (>20,000 students, IIRC)

>What other schools, especially our size or larger, are using a Linux Samba
>solution? Why are there not more schools using this solution?

Many of our schools here in Portland do.

>Where would technical support for the network filesystem come?  Would
>educational software programs, particularly Accelerated Reader pull their
>technical support knowing that the network filesystem is linux based?

I have not ran into the need for technical support, so I'm not sure
on this one.

>What are the costs in using the Linux network system?

As Bert noted, you have to un-learn some of your Netware knowledge.
The primary cost is in the learning process. Once you have things in
place and working the way you want them, it tends to be pretty much
hands-off. There are no licensing costs.

>What features would we lose by using a Linux network filesystem instead of
>a Novell network filesystem.

The main feature is that Novell has a directory server built in, so it
is more than just a file/print server. 

Account management, file permissions, setting up shares, and the like are
all different than they are in the Novell world. NDS is available for
Linux, but I've never used it or seen it in action.


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