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Re: [K12OSN] Expansion of LTSP

Good Luck and Congratulations on the upcoming expansion!

I haven't used Samba with LTSP, but I think Jim's recommendation of using
NFS to export the file systems from your file server is right on (for
the same reason he mentioned). I have used Samba between two Linux
boxes and it really isn't ideal IMO - esp. with multiple users. I think
that NFS would be a better move for the Linux end of things and then just
use Samba for the Windows clients.

Ed C.

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Jim Thomas wrote:

> Caleb Wagnon wrote:
> > 
> > The LTSP has been a success here and with the upcoming "expansions" of
> > our district our LTSP will be expanding as well. We have 60 terminals
> > now and will be adding at least 60 more. My current plan is to
> > restructure our current setup by purchasing two more servers, using one
> > to serve our home directories (while also providing samba services to
> > the rest of the district after the upcoming migration) and the other two
> > will be terminal servers that smbmount the home directories on our main
> > server. That is the current _idea_. Does anyone see any possible
> > complications caused by this setup? Would this be too much for one
> > server? Could there be issues I'm not seeing with people accessing their
> > folders on windows boxes and also using those same home shares with
> > ltsp? I can't think of any but I wanted to throw this out to the list so
> > you guys can help me knock it around a little bit. Thanks in advance.
> First of all, congrats on your expansion.:-)
> I would be more inclined to export your file systems to the LTSP boxen
> using NFS rather than Samba.  The main reason is that NFS has more of a
> "native" feel to it.  AFIAK, the Windows file system does not support
> the concept of user/group/world file permissions, and that's what you'd
> be supporting with Samba.  Samba plays tricks to enforce these
> permissions, because the file system it's operatin on does require
> permissions, but the SMB doesn't - so it jumps through hoops to make
> them work.  NFS on the other hand, DOES understand unix file permissions
> natively, so I'd go that route.
> That said, I'd STILL put Samba on the file server so that people could
> access their files from the Other Side.
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