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RE: [K12OSN] Accelerated(or not) Reader

I would like to know about this also as it is the one thing that we HAVE to
have in our labs. No accelerated reader = no linux :(  I haven't tried it
out yet, but I sure hope it does work. That is the main thing that we have
to have running for widespread acceptance of K12LTSP in our district. I can
never sell the linux idea if we have to give up Accelerated Reader. That and
Star Reader has become a religion in our 3rd-8th grade program.


P.S. Please, please, somebody tell me it works ;)

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>Hi gang
>Has anybody made good progress with Accelerated Reader software on a
>K12LTSP server? Can it be installed under Wine or another emulator? Has
>this topic made any headway or is it buried?
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