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[K12OSN] rsyncing passwords

Thank you to those who replied both onlist and off regarding LDAP and the size of the server required. I have decided that I'll use the rest of this school year to, as Eric put it, "wrap my brain around it" Since I have 3 linux machines, and student email accounts already exist on one of them -- I'm going to save myself a LOT of time, and just rsync the passwords from that machine to the new document server and to the squidguard box. Since students can change their password via squirrelmail -- that will give me a mechanism for password changing this year, without any LDAP stuff... But I WILL use LDAP next year, no doubt. :)

Now for a seemingly silly question... If I use rsync to keep the passwords matching, which I know at least a few of you are doing, what files do I rsync? I must admit that since the dawn of shadow passwords, I really don't know what to sync up! Any help would be appreciated -- I'm going to do some research today when I have a chance, but I thought I'd ask in a quick email, especially since you might know of some gotchas. (I can't think of any...)

The only peice of the puzzle left for me today is to get squid to authenticate from the list of local users... I can get it to work fine if squid sets up it's own list of users, but I need it to authenticate from PAM, and the pam_auth doesnt' seem to work for me. I don't think that one will be too difficult to figure out though. :)

Thanks for being there,

-- Shawn Powers Technology Director Inland Lakes Schools PHN: (231)238-6868 FAX: (509)356-7024

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