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[K12OSN] squidguard question using K12LTSP3.0.0

Squidguard is not blocking!  I can't figure out why! Can anyone help me,

I'm doing a clean install of K12LTSP 3.0.0, selecting all the default
options for the LTSP package (except that my eth1 has an assigned IP).  I
chose the medium firewall option and "trust eth0".  No other extra packages

After the install is complete, I put in disc 2 and find the squidguard rpm.
I double-click it to install - everything appears to install fine.  I add
the line to squid.conf to redirect to squidguard (just like the MESD
squidguard webpage instructs).  Then, I restart squid.

Next, I test the browser to see if it's blocking  - nada!  I looked at
squidguard.conf and made sure that it was pointing to the correct location
for the blocked lists - it is.
I checked squidguard's website and saw the examples for acl's and tried the
one that only allows people in my LAN to have access, but still nothing's
being blocked.

What could the problem be?  I've spent hours and hours reading,
reinstalling, tweaking to no avail!!  AAAAARRRRGH!

1. Are there any "tweaks" I need to do to either squid.conf or
2. How can I test to make sure that squid is working properly?
3. Won't the rpm check for correct library dependencies and install anything
that I need?

Thanks for your help everyone!
Richard K. Ingalls
Technology Coordinator
Glenwood R-8 School, West Plain, MO
awm002 mail connect more net
(417) 256-4849

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