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Re: [K12OSN] .xsession-errors

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Reba Bonney wrote:

>I just loaded k12 v.3.0 on my servers. And since then I keep getting
>.xsession errors and my home dictory gets too full to do anything.I have
>to look at all my users and find to one that is too full. It has been two
>users who havn't even saved anything in their home dicrtories. I has
>beened three times since yesterday. I have to go in and delete the user
>before anything will work.
>Does anyone have any ideas as to why this keeps happening or how I can
>stop it?

I've seen this twice now, I did not get a chance to debug it.

You don't have to completely remove the user, you can remove just
the offending .xsession-errors file. This should do the trick:

	/sbin/fuser -k /home/offendinguser/.xsession-errors
	rm /home/offendinguser/.xsession-errors

where "offendinguser" is the username who has the huge .xsession-errors

If you want to do this automatically every night, you can create the
file /etc/cron.daily/remove-x-errors containing:

	for file in /home/*/.xsession-errors
		if [ -f $file ]
			rm -f $file

and make it executable:

	chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/remove-x-errors

If once a day is not often enough, move this remove-x-errors file to

Since yours appears to be repeatable, if you are brave I'd appreciate
if you'd do a little debugging for me. When you find the disk space
quickly disappearing (or disappeared), run these commands against the 
offending .xsession-errors file:  

	/sbin/fuser -u /home/offendinguser/.xsession > /boot/bad-procs.txt
	ps -auxw > /boot/all-procs.txt

and email me the /boot/bad-procs.txt & /boot/all-procs.txt files.


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