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Re: [K12OSN] rsyncing passwords

Shawn Powers wrote:

The only peice of the puzzle left for me today is to get squid to authenticate from the list of local users... I can get it to work fine if squid sets up it's own list of users, but I need it to authenticate from PAM, and the pam_auth doesnt' seem to work for me. I don't think that one will be too difficult to figure out though. :)

I wrote a little set of scripts for squidguard that does this.

In use, you add a new user, and add them to group 'staff' or 'student'. Any person not in one of these groups won't get a squidguard password. That's all.

Then it is easy to hack squid.conf to specify time-of-day, etc etc.. in fact almost anything.

The other beauty of it, is that there are different classes of users who are subject to diferent restrictions, so you may customise on the basis of 'user class' as well as 'access restrictions'.

You are able to modify the perl script to add more 'classes' of users and seperate conditions for those users.


cheers, Steve

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