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Re: [K12OSN] .xsession-errors

Dan Young wrote:

Given that we know it is the .xsession-errors file in this case,

# du -sh /home/*/.xsession-errors

would be quite a bit faster. "du -sm /home/*" takes a while to run against my 2000 student users' home directories. ;-)

heh, quite outside my paradigm until now.. 8-)

BTW, I've had the .xsession-errors fill up a drive also. I'm currently deleting them freqently a la Eric's suggestion. I'll try and grab the fuser/ps output too.

be aware - this happens very quickly, and waiting for the end of the day might have serious consequences for those who either mount /home over NFS, or mount /home on the servers root directory. like - take the network down type consequences.

Going back to -sm (summary in MB), the script will produce a line of '1's unless something is amiss. This would not be hard to build a little 'babysitter' script, until the problem is resolved properly.

$ time du -sm /home/*/.xsession-errors > xs-errors

How long will this take to run on your 2000 user /home partition ?

Would it be an acceptable load to run it every 10/20/nn mins, and then grep xs-errors for anything that doesn't match that '1' at the beginning of the line ? Maybe nice it down a bit..


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