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[K12OSN] Looking for a Beaverton techie

I'm trying to track down a story about the Beaverton School District. Please
reply off-list or pass this on. Thanks.

I'm a researcher for NETC at NWREL. We're creating a Web-based resource for
making decisions about open source software, called Open Options. I'm trying
to verify this:

Linux is famous for its ability to scale: to run large networks with many
users. For example, the Beaverton School District in Portland, Oregon serves
about 33,000 students. The district wanted to create a single virtual hard
drive: a file server with space for every teacher and student. They tried
several solutions, but they all failed; Linux was the only software that
could scale successfully.

Kym Buchanan, Research Specialist
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Email: buchanak nwrel org
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