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Re: [K12OSN] squidguard question using K12LTSP3.0.0

OK.  Can someone walk me through a successful install process for
squidguard?  What did you install / configure first?  Next?  Etc...  Until
you had a properly configured LTSP server?

I want my LTSP 3.0.0 box to serve 9 "thin" clients.  They need "filtered"
internet access (via squid and squidguard) and OpenOffice.  I want a
firewall on the LTSP machine.  And I'd like to have a laser printer attached
to it.  That's all I want.

I can handle the standard RH8 install - it's a cinch.  I only have to change
my eth1 interface to a static IP address; list my gateway and DNS servers.
Easy, clean install.  No problems, yet.

However, what should I do next, to achieve my goals?  Do I go to "packages"
and then tell it I want the "web server" options (I noticed that squid and
squidguard are both here - why aren't they a part of the standard LTSP
install?)  OR, do I mount the cdrom (disc 2 of K12LTSP 3.0.0) and double
click on squidguard's RPM (and hope that the package manager will correctly
install squid, too)?

Once that's done, then just add the "redirect" line to the squid.conf file

Then, restart squid.  And, ba-da-bing!  Right?  Then, tell my browser to use
the proxy on the LTSP box (, port 3128).  And all should be
blocking, eh?

If I want transparent proxy-ing, just add a few more lines to the squid.conf
and an iptables PREROUTING command to my system initialization file, right?

But, it's not completely correct for me!!!  It will block access to
"playboy.com", but not "allmp3s.com" - BOTH are in the blacklists!! Why
isn't this working?

Can anybody just hold my hand through a correct install from scratch?  Just
tell me what steps to follow and I'll be your linux slave for ever (which
means absolutely nothing).

Thanks again all of you LTSP gurus.

P.S. I tried to attach my conf. files, but they were too large for this

P.S.S. Please help me! I don't want to be forced to use more Micro$oft than
I absolutely have to!

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