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RE: [K12OSN] WinSchool

Off topic, I know. But it seems to me that data should be determined by
a "plugin" of some kind that takes the XML (?) output of a generic admin
program and formats it for Texas, or British Columbia, Canada, or
wherever. We seriously need such a project. I wonder about existing
projects like PHP Groupware, since it is possible to write new apps for
it. I wish I was a programmer. I'm thinking outloud now........

Doug Gough

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From: Walker, Clay [mailto:clay pisd net]
Sent: January 30, 2003 9:05 AM
To: 'k12osn redhat com'
Subject: RE: [K12OSN] WinSchool

Hello Erfan,
I have tested neither the client nor server in a wine environment.  The
server requires NT/2000 while the client can run on 9x workstations.  I
only played with Wine a little bit and am not sure that it can support

If you have not heard, Chancery (the WinSchool creators/publishers) is
changing WinSchool.  They have already developed a new application that
replace WinSchool.  This application is based on microsoft's .net (or
whatever they will call it today).  My understanding is that Chancery
require Win 2K/2k03 running IIS 5.0 or better to run the new
And, I also believe the application is completely web based. 

I love the concept of web-based application, but in this case it is
IIS and .net will require a later version of Internet Explorer to
the WinSchool database.  IE will also be required on the teacher
workstations to take attendance and to enter grades.  

If I am not mistaken, these new web-based applications are ready to roll
very soon (< 1 year).  We use an Education Service Center between us and
Chancery so I don't have as much access to that information.  

I'm thinking an alternative to WinSchool is a good solution.  This list
shown some in previous posts.  One challenge here in Texas is the
data standards submission requirements (PEIMS).  None of the
listed in previous posts were PEIMS compliant.  Hopefully, one will come
along soon.


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From: Erfan Zahra'i [mailto:ezahrai hotmail com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 7:23 PM
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Our school currently uses a school admin application called winschool 
running on a novel file server and NT workstatons as client.
For those who are familiar with the program, is there a way to run

under wine?
If not, what are the atlernatives for ltsp?


Erfan S. Zahra'i
Senior Mathematics & Physics Teacher
Maxwell International Baha'i School
Bag 1000, Shawnigan Lake
BC, Canada
V0R 2W0

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