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[K12OSN] LDAP and lts.conf

Hi all,

I can't find it in my archives of K12 or LTSP so does anyone know if
there is a way to use ldap as the source for lts.conf settings?
(particularly terminal configs).

Here's why:
I have been working on a web app to manage LDAP for a while now. And
while I am not done yet I do have it to the point where people can
change their passwords and do searches for people easily and soon I will
have edit/add features completed as well. And I got to thinking that it
would be great if I guy could enter terminal data once for each
terminal. Then all servers would know about that machine even if you
moved it somewhere else etc.

In a perfect world this would include DHCP data so that you could run
generically configured servers right out of the box and it would already
know about all the strange and wonderful terminals w/ specific names and
IP's that are all over the place. A single point of admin for terminals,
site wide, would be awesome. But now I know I'm dreaming ;-)

Bottom line is, I want to know if this functionality is within the realm
of reason (at least the lts.conf part) or if I should just settle for
managing user accounts and people with this project.

A computer once beat me at chess...
But, as it turns out, it was no match for me at kick boxing.

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