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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Censorship lives!

"Mr." Baldwin wrote a very long and laborious message, and I will refrain
from polemics on the subject, as it is somewhat o.t. I need to answer only
because of the ad hominem remarks at the beginning and the end. Remarks
quoted first, than the answer:

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, anthony baldwin wrote:
> Okay, Cosmic Charlie, If you want to kill your brain cells in your spare
> time, that's your business ... Judging from your punctuation,I'd say you
> should put down the bong and do your Language Arts homework.
>Mr. Baldwin

Well, Mr. Baldwin, Sir, my punctuation sucks, possibly because English is
my third language. So, with the bad punctuation, and even worse grammar
(starting a sentence with "So", fey!), I have to inform you that I can not
put down the bong, because I have never picked one up. As to the language
arts - I suspect I am in the same category as you are in: "they can make
us go to college, but they can not make us think". I really enjoyed the
cognitive disconnect between your statement that as future librarian you
are against censorship, and the strongly expressed desire to censor. I
urge you to remove all the references to the chemical composition of
hydrogen peroxide, otherwise all the kids will be bleached blond :-)

If you feel the need to continue this conversation, let us do it off the
list. Sincerely, Cosmic Charlie, formerly Julius Szelagiewicz

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