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RE: [K12OSN] Watchout...newbie on board

O.K excellent.
Please post to:

Attn: Brian Barron
Cooranbong Public School
Government Rd
Cooranbong NSW 2265

If you need money for postage let me know.

Brian Barron
Cooranbong P.S

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From: "Cooranbong PS" <cooranbong-p school det nsw edu au>
Subject: RE: [K12OSN] Watchout...newbie on board

> Just wondering if you have cd roms with the latest version on them. If
> possible I wouldn't mind buying a copy from you. Don't have broadband yet
> downloading is a bit of a problem.
> Another Oz user.
> Brian Barron
> Cooranbong P.S

G'day Brian

Samps here. I live in South Australia, I've got a broadband connection and a

I can send you a copy of 3.1.1 by tomorrow (I'm downloading it at the
moment). I'll see if I can get the South Australian schools courier system
to work with the NSW one, not to save money for postage, just as an
experiment...   if not, send me a complete address where you want the CD's.

Grant High School
Mt. Gambier/South Australia

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