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[K12OSN] TLS / SSL with OpenLDAP

	So, I've gotten this whole PAM / LDAP / SAMBA thing pretty much sussed
and running and everything is happy. Now I want to enable TLS/SSL within
openLDAP to secure the connections a little more. I've done some fairly
extensive looking online in all the usual  places (ie - TLDP, google,
openldap site, even bought the O'reilly "Adminsitering LDAP" book) and
have found most of the documentation, shall we say, lacking? Most of it
looks like this regarding TLS/SSL:

-Step one
-Step two
-*A Miracle Occurs*
-TLS/SSL Works! Yay!


"TLS/SSL is really hard to setup. If you are looking here for help,
don't even try. The effort will likely kill you."

Needless to say, neither of those scenarios is particularly helpful. All
I want is a basic TLS/SSL setup for basic authentication. I don't want
or need SASL or Kerberos or any of that, unless of course it's required,
but it doesn't seem to be. The certificates would need to be
self-signed. Do any of you know of a somewhat more *comprehensive*
resource on this subject?


-Quentin Hartman-

Academic Computing and Networking Services Coordinator
Fern Ridge School District 28J
Elmira, OR
Office: 541-935-2253 x429
Cell: 541-914-2989
qhartman lane k12 or us

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