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RE: [K12OSN] Watchout...newbie on board

On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 09:55, Cooranbong PS wrote:
> Just wondering if you have cd roms with the latest version on them. If
> possible I wouldn't mind buying a copy from you. Don't have broadband yet so
> downloading is a bit of a problem.
> Another Oz user.
> Brian Barron
> Cooranbong P.S

I presume that you are writing to me, not Mark.  Yes? 

Hmm ... if so then we share a common problem.  I have done all my
downloads over a 56kb connection that realises a measured 44kb, at
best.  I lamented to this list recently that downloading the three
K12LTSP ISOs took around two weeks, all connection perturbations
considered.  Since then, using rsync to keep up to date cuts that time
considerably.  It depends on the degree of changes between versions, but
it can cut the download to a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks
;-).  I strongly recommend rsync, but look to my previous posts that
point to a Wiki with warnings about big file transfers. 

As to sending on some copies of the CDs: I'm not really in the business
of doing that, but *can* consider it (on a cost recovery basis) if you
send me your details direct - rather than to this list.  Anything to
help the K12LTSP effort - though you can also request the CDs from
them.  Let me know off list.


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> What will interest you is that I have offered some info, to any other
> Aussies
> that might be out there listening, concerning the availability of the
> disk images (ISOs) from an Australian mirror, Planet Mirror.  Planet also
> pointed me to their Rsync service for these ISOs so that you can keep
> up with the prolific output of Eric and Co. at K12LTSP without having to
> download
> the whole set of ISO files each time there is an update.

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