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Re: [K12OSN] Samba Problem

Keyword here. . . XP HOME

Likely, it won't work satisfactorily.  It is what it says it is. . . HOME 
meaning unlikely to be used in a networking environment. . .



On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Daniel Loomis wrote:

> A little off topc, but . . .
> I thought I was fairly knowledgable about Samba, but I have a situation 
> that has me stumped.  I recently added a third NIC to our k12ltsp server 
> (running 3.1.0) to connect an upstairs classroom at the church.  It is 
> on eth2 with address  DHCP is giving out addresses for 
> that subnet in the range of  The dhcpd.conf setting is 
> identical to that being used on subnet except for the subnet 
> address.
> For testing purposes I am running samba with:
> 	security = share
> 	interfaces = eth0 eth1 eth2
> 	encrypt passwords = yes (although N.A. with security=share)
> When I connect a Win95 or Win98 pc to the switch on subnet 
> it gets an address and has access to all the public shares as expected.
> When I connect my laptop running WinXP Home, it gets an address ok, but 
> keeps coming up with login for "server\guest" but will not accept any 
> passwords.  My laptop is in smbpasswd by machine name and username. 
> What confuses me is that when I connect to another switch that connects 
> to eth1 (subnet there is no problem and all public shares 
> are available via my laptop without login.  Results are the same whether 
> "nat" is on or off on eth1.
> The problem appears to be with XP, but I have not found the combination 
> of settings to make it work.  My concern is that we recently ordered 
> some new WinXP Home pcs for our Sunday School Department that will be on 
> subnet accessing CDROM iso images on the server.  I did try 
> accessing the cdrom files from our thin clients using wine (subnet 
>; some worked but there were lots of problems and no sound 
> (wine does not support esound)!
> If this is typical of XP I may be in for some "interesting times" ahead.
> Dan
> P.S.  I do plan to repartition the HDs and set them up to dual-boot
>        WinXP/RH9 for testing purposes.  Perhaps as Wine matures we
>        can get rid of Windows entirely!
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