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Re: [K12OSN] Accelerated Reader - Crossover Office?

This is something we should try to address, as Renaissance seems unable or unwilling to deal with this. I too have been for the most part unsuccessful at getting AR, StarREAD, etc to run under X, and this is probably the biggest roadblock I have to deploying LTSP. Yeah the AR and STAR security model is a complete joke (I'd love some quality time alone in a room, no witnesses, with the moron who designed that piece of cr^p), but the teachers love it, and taking it away would be political suicide.

Ideally some kind of rpm or easy to run setup script to tweak wine, copy the appropriate files from the data directory, and handle mounting the data directory. I would be happy to work with anyone interested in developing and packaging this as a solution.

Of course, if anyone has already solved this and has this working, please share with the rest of us. It would probably open the floodgates for districts waiting to at least try linux desktops.



At 08:24 AM 7/2/2003 -0500, you wrote:
I am installing a K12LTSP lab in our new middle school media center.  I need
to be able to run Accelerated Reader in this lab.  Is Crossover Office the
best way to do this?

Is anyone using Crossover Office for the purpose of running AR?  How did you
license it?  Do I need a "server" license or do I buy individual licenses
for the number of clients?

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