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Re: [K12OSN] Accelerated Reader - Crossover Office?

I think you would want a server license, which is really just a multi-user configuration (it has some extra files for managing this). We're testing some other software on CrossOver Server in our office, and I have to say the installer in version 2 is terrific. It's as easy and point-n-click as you can get. The multi-user version seems really designed to make your life easier for allowing multiple users, rather than just as an excuse to charge you more money. I think CodeWeavers is pretty reasonable about their licensing too, so maybe schools could wrangle a discount (?).


Jim Hays wrote:
I am installing a K12LTSP lab in our new middle school media center.  I need
to be able to run Accelerated Reader in this lab.  Is Crossover Office the
best way to do this?

Is anyone using Crossover Office for the purpose of running AR?  How did you
license it?  Do I need a "server" license or do I buy individual licenses
for the number of clients?

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