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Re: [K12OSN] Web problem

All my workstations have a mininum of 32 mb of ram.  This particular on has 32 
mb.   Looking at top I can see for sure that mozilla is using 95% of the cpu  
when she complains about the computer "locking up"  Actually it just gets 
really slow to respond.  Then X is killed for that workstation and she is 
back at a gdm login.  The sites she visits normally are sites that contain 
lots of free pics of nature and things.  She downloads the pics and uses them 
for OO slide shows.  I've noticed these sites have lots of flashy animations 
and that each site links to another via a pop of of a new mozilla window so 
frequently she can have over 11 mozilla windows open buried under each other.  
Although I can have her close out older Mozilla windows I cannot see students 
doing the same.   I'll try adding more memory and make her teminal 64 mb and 
let you know.  Thanks for the input.


On Tuesday 01 July 2003 06:43 pm, jam mcquil com wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Jack wrote:
> > Has anyone had the problem of the desktop locking up and exiting after
> > browsing around the web for awhile?  I'm having my wife put 3.1 thru its
> > paces.  So far everything works great but she has lost her desktop a few
> > times while browsing the web for a bit.  She is using Mozilla to get
> > around. To get her out of it I usually have her just power off the
> > workstation and power back on.  It works normally after that but
> > eventually it will lock up again.
> How much ram in the workstation ?
> I'll bet you are running out, and the kernel goes on a killing spree
> and usually picks the Xserver because it is the biggest consumer of
> ram on the workstation.
> Try turning on NFS-SWAP, and see if that takes care of it.
> I will bet money that fixes the problem.
> Jim McQuillan
> jam Ltsp org
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