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RE: [K12OSN] Newbie Q: dhcpd

I don't see any replies to this yet... Hmmm

You are fine!  If the terminals came up DHCPD is already running.  Nothing
to worry about :)


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Subject: [K12OSN] Newbie Q: dhcpd

 Running K12LTSP; printed, followed along guide, and 2 terminals coming iup 
with a nice login. (This thing rocks!) Still in lab mode, but learning!
2nd nic, now can hit the www from a terminal, and ssh into the server from
LAN. So all thus far is in good order.

This line has me puzzled, but it was working, so we did not (dhcpd.conf)
it, 3rd item in the file: 
  # Don't forget to set run_dhcpd=1 in /etc/init.d/dhcpd

 All seems to be working ok, do we need to have any concern over this line?
looked it over, have 0 idea how to insert this, or at what place in the
 cheers, and TIA!

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