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Re: [K12OSN] Privacy vs vendor support

Brian Fahrlander wrote:

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 03:06, Steve Wright wrote:

  It counts the number of individuals that are using a given software.
closed-source vendors use it to make more money where they can.  Here,
we really don't care.  But it's useful to know.

  This should probably be something the SysAdmin should type in,

ok. I must be thick or something.. 8-))

I see how this thing would work, and that the stats are interesting, but I don't grep why it is *useful*...

I am quite happy in my moment of confusion, however. 8-)

In the closed-source world it's critical to know, but here we just _want_ to know. Consider a 1-user system, like the one I'm on...compared to the City of Largo, Florida: 4 HUNDRED users.

   Without the census, it looks like there are only two instances of
Linux being enjoyed, when the true count is 401.  Big difference, aye?
It's not because we need it, we just want to know.

So I'd say it's something not useful, but desirable. That's all.

It would be usefull as a leveraging tool to vendors that are considering linux version of thier software but
don't know if there is enough demand for it. If we could tell them we have 401 users interested in thier software instead of we have 2 linux installations interested in thier software it would get a little further.

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