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Re: [K12OSN] Privacy vs vendor support

> I see how this thing would work, and that the stats are interesting, but
> I don't grep why it is *useful*...
> I am quite happy in my moment of confusion, however.  8-)

I know it would have made my life here easier to gain acceptance with the
users as at the moment they think that the whole world uses MS products, If
I could have shown some facts and figures then acceptance would have been a
lot quicker. I'm sure a lot of users think that software pops into life
fully formed without anyone doing any work

I'm finding this mainly with Open Office, the main quote being "But no one
else uses it how are we supposed to communicate" and "But we have done all
our work in MS office nothing will work" and no matter how patiently and how
many times I explain and demonstrate there is always something not quite

e.g. "But I used round bullet point not diamonds" or "It doesn't do Pivot
tables" etc.

Sometimes I think they would rather stay with a system that crashes 5 times
a day rather than relearn the 5% of an application that is different, but a
lot more stable.

If i was a cynic I'd say that people enjoy the computer crashing and then
use it as an excuse for not doing any work.

Just my 2pennys worth.

Martin Stevens

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