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Re: [K12OSN] Privacy vs vendor support

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Jeff Kinz wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 09:53:02AM -0400, Access Systems wrote:
> > On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Eric Harrison wrote:
> > > One of the interesting problems we face when talking with vendors is 
> > > that they ask for number of users. Since it's open source, we don't
> > > really have any idea. We can tell them how many downloads we've had off
> > 
> > In my "real" job I have to do a lot of statistical modeling,  with a few
> > samples and regular proving of the sampling we could probably be just as
> Or even more accurate since they often base their analysis on what the 
> vendors "say" they are selling.  :-)  

for sure always use the most advantagous numbers (we'll do the same too)
> > 
> > > We can see how many people are on the K12OSN list (850 last time I checked).
> > > We can see how many sites are syncing to the SquidGuard web filter black
> > > lists (~2,500). But we don't really know that the installed base of K12LTSP
> > > happens to be.
> > 
> > if we know from 8 folks who give us some very detailed information that
> > each list user z (850) has an average of x servers (3) and each server

> > 
> > start by asking the list to volunteer raw numbers. then extrapolate that
> > out to the whole list and go from there..
> The points about calculations and extrapolation above are excellent.
> In fact I can attest to the fact that market research firms such as IDC,
> I'd be happy to keep a running count and do some analysis of the
> numbers if anyone wants to post their information.  You can post it to
> the list or if you desire confidentiality send it to me off-list.
> I'll post the summary info to the list. (and access systems can
> do a technical review :-) )

duh, I knew as soon as I opened my big mouth someone would stick work into
it....;8*}   sure...no problem

> Any info I receive off-list will be kept private. Also - Please don't
> restrict this information to just K12LTSP installs.  Any site using 
> Linux, BSD or any form of UNIX add to the market potential for 
> vendors like AR.

good point, we use Linux in the office

> What other items should we look at?  Amounts of money each site
> saved?  Expected budget reductions putting financial pressure on 
> paying for annual MS license renewals. (MS is moving to annual fees for
> ALL their licensing. )

major shortcommings, what your wants are.
what worked better than expected (give the kudo's to those that are coming
thru with stuff)


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