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Re: [K12OSN] Printer config?

Brad, below is the testing procedure i would use if i ever had a problem
with printing on a terminal attached printer ;-)
First, i would add:
MODULE_01 = PRINTER (sorry, missed it the first time around ;-)

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Brad Mills wrote:
> >      PRINTER_0_DEVICE   = /dev/lp0
> >      PRINTER_0_TYPE     = P              # P-Parallel, S-Serial
> > #that's all and it works like a charm

>  I made the changes, thus far NG, but we'll try various other things. On the
> server, I have this printer as on, as a Jet Direct. Trying a print from
> say, a Mozilla window still yields only the "Postscript/Default  .ps [print] [file]
> option boxes. I'll continue to dabble, maybe get this baby running.

ok, if the silly thing still doesn't work:
1. telnet 9100
this should connect you to the jet direct server process. if you can't
connect, the printer process was not created at the address you expected,
if it works, type a few lines and see if they get to the printer. go from
2. make sure that the print queue is defined as jet direct at the correct
address and that you have the right print driver. ps driver should work
fine, but might require some magic. for thesting you may want to select
the dumbest driver available, since you want to separate the network
problems from print queue problems. you areon your way and i really think
that the module_01 = printer will help most.

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