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[K12OSN] Scantron-like OS software

So, I was at the store last night looking at getting a new scanner, when a capability of HP all-in-one machines caught my eye. Seems you can plug in a smart media card from a digital camera and they'll print out a contact sheet with bubbles for each thumbnail image. You then bubble in the ones you want copies of, lay the sheet on the scanner top, and, presto, it prints out the photos you want.

So, I'm thinking, if they can do that, why can't I make my own bubble sheets and scan them in, and have some software tell me the students' answers to each of the questions?

The scantron machine we have at my school will only grade tests, it won't let you do an item analysis or anything useful like figuring out what students know and what they don't, and machines that will do such things cost major bucks.

So, does anybody know of an open source (or cheap) software solution that will read bubble sheets? If not, maybe I have a project for my Special Topics in Computer Science class next year...


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