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Re: [K12OSN] Printer config?


> MODULE_01 = PRINTER (sorry, missed it the first time around ;-)
> ok, if the silly thing still doesn't work:
> 1. telnet 9100
> this should connect you to the jet direct server process. if you can't
> connect, the printer process was not created at the address you expected,
> if it works, type a few lines and see if they get to the printer. go from
> there.
> 2. make sure that the print queue is defined as jet direct at the correct
> address and that you have the right print driver. ps driver should work
> fine, but might require some magic. for thesting you may want to select
> the dumbest driver available, since you want to separate the network
> problems from print queue problems. you areon your way and i really think
> that the module_01 = printer will help most.

 Thanks ever so much! I posted a reply, perhaps it was lost in the etherworld (or my 
ISP... ) I will certainly bookmark your reply ... very useful info. Learning penguin
seems like when realizing there's more to web life than AOL ;) So we did Win 10x yrs, 
and learned much there. Time to move ahead now -

 My (former) reply is inline.
 Thanks again,
 (former post)
**    *newbie_alert!*
 -Serious </blush!> What a dummie. I re-read last night, found essentially 
the  same info in jam's LTSP booklet. (p15)  So, come home, fire everything 
up, recheck. Seems I'd been editing my backup file, lts.config.txt <shreik!> 
Any road, edited the correct file ;) and we're printing just fine now. 
About all I can say is, DOH! and move ahead. 

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