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Re: [K12OSN] Access to K12LTSP remotely

You can tunnel individual X applications over ssh and display them remotely. This would be better than trying to do a whole desktop because you don't have the bandwidth. And it's really easy:

ssh -X user host domain com
xclock &

In the first step you ssh to the remote host and setup an X tunnel. After you've done this, you'll be at a command prompt on the remote host. In the next step you call the application. Don't forget the &.


Jáder Marasca wrote:

I couldn´t understand your answer. Please be more verbose...

How can I left one session of X open in K12 server (witch config files to
change, change what!) and how could I access it using VNC.
I do use VNC to tunnel port for admin server using web interface, so I
understand port forwarding on VNC+putty).
I´d like to know what port to use and what expect in terms of performance
Server Athlon XP 1700+512M+80HDD IDE
ADSL dn 300 / up150
One terminal at home (most of time off!)
Remote Terminal  at 800x600x16b running IceWM  using my ADSL connection!

Could I use without pull all hair from head ? :-)


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Best not run x across internet...vnc over ssh works..but slow. Chuck

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