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Re: [K12OSN] Access to K12LTSP remotely

I can answer #1. Just use a service that gives you a
static domain name or static host name. Then you never
use the server's dynamic IP address. You use the host
name or domain name. Dyndns is the best example. If
you want a free account, you get a static host name
so, it keeps track of your dynamic ip address but you
can always find it by pointing to the static host
name. for example: mycomp.dyndns.org is static but the
IP address can change. I think Dyndns charges for
static domain names. 

Here are a few sites to check out (not all free):




Sorry for going on and on. Hopefully I explained it

--- Stephen Liu <satimis icare com hk> wrote:
> Hi Brad,
> I am a late comer joining this discussion and have
> following questions;
> 1) If K12LTSP is connected to broadband with dynamic
> IP can the
> workstations connect it and how? (if the dynamic IP
> changes at X-hour
> interval)
> 2) Can thin client be used as workstation? (with
> broadband or 56K modem
> connection)
> B.Regards
> Stephen Liu
> On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 02:52, Brad Mills wrote:
> > Jáder,
> > 
> >  This might be useful to you, if you are desiring
> to pursue VNC:
> >  
> >  http://martybugs.net/smoothwall/puttyvnc.cgi
> >  
> >  We've done this over a dialup (using *tight*VNC)
> and it's reasonable.
> >  We have ran smoothwall (GPL) over a year now,
> it's mighty a good firewall.
> >  
> >  At least you could glean some how-to from the
> above link.
> >  
> >  cheers, 
> >  /b
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