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Re: [K12OSN] Scantron-like OS software


I haven't played around with this product yet but, It
was my impression that the "scantron" software was
built into the printer and didn't require an OS to
operate. I could be wrong.....


--- Todd O'Bryan <toddobryan mac com> wrote:
> So, I was at the store last night looking at getting
> a new scanner, 
> when a capability of HP all-in-one machines caught
> my eye. Seems you 
> can plug in a smart media card from a digital camera
> and they'll print 
> out a contact sheet with bubbles for each thumbnail
> image. You then 
> bubble in the ones you want copies of, lay the sheet
> on the scanner 
> top, and, presto, it prints out the photos you want.
> So, I'm thinking, if they can do that, why can't I
> make my own bubble 
> sheets and scan them in, and have some software tell
> me the students' 
> answers to each of the questions?
> The scantron machine we have at my school will only
> grade tests, it 
> won't let you do an item analysis or anything useful
> like figuring out 
> what students know and what they don't, and machines
> that will do such 
> things cost major bucks.
> So, does anybody know of an open source (or cheap)
> software solution 
> that will read bubble sheets? If not, maybe I have a
> project for my 
> Special Topics in Computer Science class next
> year...
> Todd
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