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Re: [K12OSN] Pinch me...

On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 17:56, Shawn Powers wrote:

> No, it's licensed band.  (The ISD has license for lots of spectrum from
> the FCC from the times when distance learning via television was popular
> here.  The equipment has pretty much all been converted to sending
> digital signals, and since it's in A) Northern Michigan and B) a
> licensed portion of the spectrum -- it's pretty reliable, and not prone
> to interference.)

    Ah; the professional grade.  Probably hard to crack, partially based
on obscurity (the fact that it's NOT 802, AND it's expensive to snoop). 
Good plan!

> Huh.  I wonder if it's possible to restrict external access to just
> fetching email addresses via the LDAP server, while using it for user
> authentication internally.  I'm also not familiar with kerberos, but
> it's LDAP's cross-platform virtues that really shine in my situation. 
> That said, I have just as much real world experience with LDAP as I do
> with kerberos.  Zilch. :)

    Well, you can firewall the LDAP from the outside, easily enough.
LDAP's GREAT for being a phone book.

> >     Build your DNS solidly.
> This I will agree with 200%  Our ISP (the ISD) seems to have
> intermittent DNS problems.  I really want to make sure our internal DNS
> server is both a caching DNS server, and will allow us to set up our
> internal domain accordingly.  I also agree that using a fake TLD address
> like mysite.com is silly and confusing.  I'm going to use .ils for our
> TLD internally  (Inland Lakes Schools = ils) for my own sanity if
> nothing else.

   Yeah; build what I call a 'root client': it doesn't rely on anyone
else's DNS.  I have files I can ship you, for that.

> >     OK...I've never EVER seen that, but I despise character-based email
> > clients, having used them for about 15-20 years. Evolve. Try something
> That's it buddy, put yer mitts on.  I'd scrap it up for mutt any day. 
> ;o)  lol

    Maybe when you've spent 20+ years in black and white, you'll feel
differently. It's just so limited.  But let's not flame about it.

> Seriously though, I use evolution for most emailing -- but since the
> best connection I can get at home is a 26.4 dialup, text email has
> become quite a friend. :)  And evolution gives me the disconnects too. 
> Perhaps it's because my KDE tray icon at work is checking for new mail
> every 30 seconds, even while I'm at home.

    Wow; that's a weird problem...

> Currently, we only have 1 windows lab.  Everything else is Macintosh. 
> I've spent a few good years making macs play with linux, and I dont'
> mind the macs so much anymore.  Applescript makes life really easy.

   That should be pretty sweet...I'd love to hear about your luck with
Apple<->Linux networking.  I've heard the rumors, but I'd like to get it
from people with 'boots on the ground'.

> I'm really a n00b in the world of windows.  I know the normal sysadmin
> is slanted the other way, but windows is truly my weakest skill.

    Yeah, I'm trying to blot it all out, myself.  That part of my life
is over.

    (I'd put a smiliey there, but I'm serious about this)

>  I'm
> going to try to use pGina (http://pgina.sf.net) on the windows clients
> to get them to authenticate and fileshare nicely.  I think deep freeze
> will be purchase to "lock down" a setup.  I have to figure out how to do
> all the microsofty things like map favorites to a network drive, and get
> "My Documents" to always point to the persons network share.  Sadly, I
> need to learn a bit about microsoft networking, so I can avoid using a
> microsoft server!  Perhaps somewhere there is a howto for linux geeks
> dropped in a microsoft lab (ie, "The complete guide to making samba
> replace Windows Server)  -- anyone know if the O'Reilly Samba book
> includes setting up client settings, profiles, etc?

    Doesn't Apple still use AppleTalk?  I know Linux supports that, but
I've also heard that Apple can (and usually does) do tcp/ip, too...

    Good luck!  And don't be bashful about asking for help!

Brian Fahrländer          GNU/Linux Zealot, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                    My Voyage: http://www.CounterMoon.com
ICQ  5119262

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