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Re: [K12OSN] SIS 651 Xserver [solved]

I had forgotten to add the client in to the /etc/dhcpd.conf file and lock the
MAC address to the IP...

lts.conf settings

DRIVER  = sis

> Having a problem with the above video card. I am getting a "No screens
> found"
> message and the flashing terminal.
> I have tried adding the "DRIVER = SIS" in lts.conf to no avail. 
> I am not familiar with X windows and would appreciate any help offered.
> It is booting up getting an IP. I can see in the logs that it appears to
> geting
> everting it needs except the video.
> Do you have to "activate" the lts.conf file after you have changed it? If so
> how?
> I have also been to xfree.org and looked up the card it seems that it is
> supported in the latest release of XWindows. I am using the latest and
> greatest
> K12LTSP..
> Bit  Stuck.... 
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> Robert Slater
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Robert Slater

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