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Re: [K12OSN] Pinch me...

On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 20:48, Les Bell wrote:
> >>
> Around here (inside the house) I have one machine that gets NFS
> exported from one machine's  /nfshomes directory. As long as the users
> all have the same userID, everything's beautiful, but I worry that it
> might be a security risk.
> <<
> Yes, NFS is a worry. Anything that runs over the UDP protocol is less
> resistant to spoofing, and NFS also depends on the portmapper service which
> has a long history of security vulnerabilities. However, again - bearing in
> mind the environment - as long as NFS is kept well within the firewall, I
> wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

   Just to ensure we're all on the same page here, I have five machines
behind a firewall with trusted users...my daughters, Mom, and me.  At th
school this won't be the case: hackers come from schools...it could be
just as vulnerable from the inside, as out.  :(

    One Question: I'm pretty seasoned in Linux, but I don't hack the
kernel...I've read the RHCE 'training manual' and aced it. How'd you
managed to get your RHCE? Aren't they something like $2K, and take a few
days to take?  What's the recent story on the certification?  I'd really
like to get one, too...
Brian Fahrländer          GNU/Linux Zealot, Conservative, and Technomad
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