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Re: [K12OSN] Scantron-like OS software

An image diff... that's a neat idea, and one I hadn't really thought a lot about....

I was figuring that you'd have some kind of marks in the margin to guide the algorithm and then look for big blobs of darkness and figure out where the blob is relative to the two marks.

I'm sure the reason people were confused is that I meant Open Source when I wrote OS. Duh! Not a good abbreviation...


On Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 08:36 PM, Steve Wright wrote:

Todd O'Bryan wrote:

Does anyone know of software that will take a scanned image of a bubble sheet in any format and return, again in any format, the contents of that bubble sheet. I'm looking for something that would let me scan student papers on a cheap scanner and then tell me their answers/grades/whatever.

I do not know of any such software, but here is a tool called pnmdiff you might try.


If this tool will produce an image diff, then we can perhaps examine the project further, and produce a complete grading solution.


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