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Re: [K12OSN] RHCE particulars

On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 22:57, Les Bell wrote:

> >>
> One Question: I'm pretty seasoned in Linux, but I don't hack the
> kernel...I've read the RHCE 'training manual' and aced it. How'd you
> managed to get your RHCE? Aren't they something like $2K, and take a few
> days to take?  What's the recent story on the certification?  I'd really
> like to get one, too...
> <<
> Ah. .  Well, I'm a bit of an unusual case. I teach Linux and security
> courses for a certain three-letter-acronym computer manufacturer, as well
> as other clients. So, it's useful to me to know what my students will be
> going through. In January this year, Red Hat offered a special deal on the
> RHCE exam for just $A300.00 (about $US160 at the time), and at that price,
> I couldn't really come up with any excuses not to take it. But if they were
> charging full price ($A900.00) I wouldn't have done it.

    Argh!  You lucky dog.  The last I heard it was like $2,000 (US) and
you had to drive/fly/teleport to NC to do it.  Not that I don't like NC;
that's where this whole thing began, where I learned digital logic.  I'm
just so broke (poor) it's not funny.  And the chances of working at a
place that would sponsor me in THIS town is about as unlikely as winning
the lottery.  Same feeling, though...different prize.

> It's a one-day test, in three sections: first, problem resolution, in which
> you are given a system with various things broken (usually it won't boot
> correctly) and you have to fix that. Then the examiner breaks it again, and
> you find some more faults. Part Two is a multiple-choice one-hour exam,
> done via a browser interface. Part Three is to build a server to a two-page
> written spec. You have to install RH 8 (maybe 9 by now), with the
> appropriate daemons (and X is just a waste of time at this point!), and get
> everything configured with appropriate user accounts and access rules. This
> is the toughest part - I flew through the first two sections, but I used
> almost the full time on this section.
> I actually (and probably somewhat perversely, in the view of some of the
> other test-takers) quite enjoyed the test, and it sounds like you would,
> too. But then, I've installed RH scores of times, and watched over the
> shoulders of hundreds of students as they find ever-more-bizarre ways of
> screwing it up, then helped them fix it. See
> http://www.redhat.com/training/ for further details on RH training (you
> don't have to do their training to take the test, btw).
> If the RHCE is too pricey, then why not tackle the LPI (http://www.lpi.org)
> Level 1 and 2 exams? Just two exams for LPI Level 1 certification, and it's
> distro-independent. Their approach is very good, and the cert is also
> highly regarded.

    Well, I really appreciate the info; maybe I can find a way to bring
that to be.  And you're right; I *would* enjoy that kinda test...it's
what I do, anyway.  :)

    Thanks for the info. Maybe there's still time for me to put some
letters (and endorsement) behind my name.

Brian Fahrländer          GNU/Linux Zealot, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                    My Voyage: http://www.CounterMoon.com
ICQ  5119262

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